Spanish Immersion Early Learning Center

Give your child the opportunity
to learn a second language in a fun and natural way.





The Pineapple School™ is an early learning center that offers a Spanish Immersion experience for children six weeks to five years of age. As children enter the doors, they are immersed in the Spanish language through play, music, dance, literacy, games and conversation. This encourages bilingualism within an age window during which the ability to learn a second language is at its peak. At The Pineapple School, children are provided age-appropriate activities in an atmosphere reflecting the warmth, charm and color of Latin America.


“Nothing gets the brain machinery going like learning a second language.”

- Naomi Steiner, MD and Susan L. Hayes

Early Spanish Language and Culture Immersion

Studies show that after the age of six the ability to learn a second language begins to decline. Adults may still manage to learn new languages, but it becomes far more difficult. Furthermore, language is embedded in culture. For anyone to truly master a second language, he/she must carry the culture within the heart.

According to experts in the field, a balance in bilingual development requires 40-60% exposure to each language. Thus, it is the goal of The Pineapple School to provide full days of Spanish immersion for young children.

Laura P. / Business Development Manager

Friends and family are always impressed with our daughter's vocabulary, annunciation, and overall intelligence, which we know is directly attributable to Pineapple’s immersion program…