The overall goals of The Pineapple School curriculum are to challenge the children, build their self-confidence and most importantly, develop within them a love for learning which is vital for future success.

We follow the model of Creative Curriculum, a nationally-known approach built upon theories of learning and scientific knowledge of child development. From early infancy on, learning occurs within a structured environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and creative expression. Our classrooms are busy, as children learn best and remember more with active involvement. Based on themes of relevance and interest to the children, activities are designed to meet targeted objectives in the areas of cognitive, language, motor, and social-emotional development – all in the Spanish language!

Ongoing assessments of each child’s strengths and interests are maintained by the teacher allowing for adaptations to meet individual needs. Recognizing the important role of parents and families as partners in the young child’s education, parents are informed weekly of the planned classroom activities so that language, concepts, and skills may be reinforced at home.